Will The Dutchman Be Available?

  Ahh yes, The Dutchman. Well folks, we managed to raise just shy of $6,000 for The Dutchman project on Kickstarter. It ended on April 7th shy of our goal, but not to worry, The Dutchman will live! Currently, The Wood Studio is taking a little break. As some of you may know, my wife and I are expecting a new member to the family early in May! The amount of work to get the house and mind ready for the little one is staggering, but rewarding. With that said, The Dutchman should be arriving early in Summer 2014 so stay tuned and check back frequently because I will be posting all sorts of designs and ideas in between naps! dutchman_slide   dutchman_02 dutchman_03 dutchman_05 dutchman_08 dutchman_09 dutchman_16 dutchman_17 dutchman_title  

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