Homemade Disc Sander

  So I whipped up a disc sand to make life a little easier. I cut all the parts on the CNC. I modeled the design after a DIY disc sander I found on ibuildit.ca and made a few changes to fit my needs. I'll be adding a dust shroud and vacuum port shortly. I have the g-code and drawings I used if there is any interest just let me know! 20140417-090455.jpg You can see the trunnion system here, it lets you angle the table up to 45°! 20140417-090506.jpg Here is where I plan to make my dust collection mount. Not quite sure on the design yet, I'll have to use the sander a bit more to see what will work the best. 20140417-090516.jpg Inside shot of the Trunnion system. The CNC makes this super easy to cut, but you could certainly do this with a router table. 20140417-090524.jpg

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