Ahh, The Tree of Life.

My mom recently requested that I make her something to go over their new fireplace. After some searching she decided on a tree pencil drawing she found. Being the good son, I said, "of course, that'll be super easy to convert into a vector drawing and then have it coded to run on the CNC." (not sure I said it just like that) Here's the original she found online somewhere
tree of life
It is really sketchy, and the one she originally sent me was very poor quality. So I printed out the picture she sent me, and traced it myself with a nice dark pen.
Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 3.52.39 PM
I also uninked some of the connections so that when it was cut out all the pieces wouldn't fall apart, get it? So from this drawing, I scanned in the artwork, and opened it in Adobe Illustrator. The "image trace" function has gotten so good in the latest releases of Illustrator (I'm running CC) it made this part kind of easy. Here's the vectorized version of that drawing.
Tree of life!
Now it's just a matter of loading the vector drawing into aspire ( the program I use to make the cutting file) and cut away. Here is the unfinished cutting, my dad's going to stain it to match their mantle (they live in NY).


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