A Leg Up.

  I've recently been a little obsessed with the idea of modular/DIY furniture. I love the idea that I could be a small part of so many completely unique pieces of furniture. With that in mind I got to drawing, as I often do. sketch After some initial ideas that I deemed unsatisfactory, I came to the idea of a table leg, one that attaches itself to anything flat and is robust enough to be used daily. Being that we are the wood studio, it also had to be at least partly made of wood. Once I had a rough sketch of something that loosely resembled a table leg, I hopped over to CAD and began fiddling. Below is my initial rendering of what I've started to call the Thread Leg (I know the name needs work). 20140419-182038.jpg The idea is that you'd have 4 of these puppies and you could slap them onto just about anything, tighten the leg itself and you've got a new table! I'm currently working on getting the threads perfected, I suspect that I'd have to have a bunch of buyers lined up to produce the metal top part at a reasonable cost. Stay tuned as the first prototype comes together. It should be a wild ride, well not really, but at least interesting? Maybe. Thread Leg by thewoodstudio.us This is the first leg, a whooping 2" in diameter, it not only makes this one sturdy table leg, but also can double as a bat for all those pick-up ball games in the neighborhood. I am very pleased with how the threads look, very clean with minimal excess finish sanding required. I will probably do another post solely on the design of the jig that I made to allow me to make threads in a dowel so large (so many design hours wasted on that).


Pete Duncan

If I understand what you’re saying, I think that would limit the thickness of the “table top” to a pre-determined thickness, no? I guess I can’t really picture what you’re describing, fill me in and I can work something up and post a rendering!

The thought here is that you could slap these on a door, a sheet of plywood, or some old shutters…. anything really and you don’t need any tools, just your hands.

I was thinking that peeps could buy the thread part at different lengths, and keep the same metal top part. Or cut them to whatever length they want? Crazy possibilities!


I really like the idea and I’ve been pondering how to make it even more modular. Could you include a locking ring below where the leg screws into the table? This would enable you to put the table securely at customized heights. This would obsolete the need for the “stopper” above the inner threaded portion on the leg receiver as well.

I’d buy this.

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