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I've been dabbling for some time now with doing really detailed/small scale CNCing on my relatively large scale CNC. I'm talking text as small as .125", pretty small stuff. CNC Engraving BitAfter ordering some cheap "engraving" bits from eBay and doing my metric to standard conversions I wound up with bits that are an 1/8" in diameter have a 10° point angle and a flat surface of .00787". That's right, .00787"! File Mar 03, 12 20 11 PMWith this info I can now take any vector logo, input it within my CAD program and generate the code to make the machine run. I use Vectric Aspire for most of my CNC related CAD work. It's a great program and extremely user-friendly. From there the saved file is loaded into the CNC Controller (Mach 3 in my case) and we press start! Initially I tested with some wood studio logos. I didn't quite have the correct overlap for engraving so I got mixed results. After some trial and error, I've narrowed down the correct overlap and step over to get consistent results.
Little hint - sometimes it really helps to offset your paths inward on really detailed work to give the spacing a bit of breathing room and so that the wood won't chip into the adjacent carving area.
2015-02-22 12.57.51-1Once my fine-tuning was finished I could then make some work for customers. Here's the first piece done for a customer here at the wood studio.        

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  • Milt Packard

    Awesome work.

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