As Modest Mouse Would Say.... Float On!

We have all been there… enjoying a beautiful day on the water with not a care in the world, when you jump in and suddenly realize that you were wearing your $200 pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, your sunnies  are now sinking deeper and deeper into the body of water that you love so much. Okay, your love for the water doesn’t necessarily change, but as those pricey glasses sink further and further out of reach, your frustration in losing them only escalates.

I recall a paddleboarding trip last August on the Intracoastal Waterway at the South End of Wrightsville Beach. The day was beautiful and sunny, and the water was beckoning for adventure. It was a first date, so of course I am going to try to look presentable and rock my favorite pair of sunglasses (before I had my first pair from Legacy Eyewear!) - my Maui Jims. As any guy would do on his first date, I had to show off my mad paddleboarding skills. Once we made it to the middle of the Intercoastal, I decided to pick up the speed and challenge my date in a race. I was about 5 strokes in when I lost my balance, and I fell in the water. When I resurfaced to my board, I realized my pride wasn’t the only thing that fell into the Intracoastal that day, but also my favorite pair of glasses. After diving down and attempting to find them I eventually gave up, hopped back up on my board, and laughed it off. The salty water hid the tears that were surely pouring down my face. 

Today I am still exploring any body of water that I can, but I don’t have to worry about losing my sunglasses in the process. That’s because all sunglasses made here at Legacy Eyewear float due to their wooden frame. That’s right! Whether you are embarrassing yourself by falling into the water on a first date, or you are just hanging out in the ocean with friends and family, you will never have to worry about losing your sunnies again. If they fall in…  No worries! Look down, pick them back up and continue to rock that classic, cool look with your wooden sunnies.

I end with a question: where will you take your sunnies? Keep on adventuring both on and off the water, and share your adventures by tagging us in your social media posts @legacyeyewear!!

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