Ready For The Dog Days?


Well Duh... It seems the dog days of summer are here to stay, but are you prepared? As we all head to the water, pool, or puddle to snag a small morsel of sun(or a large morsel, if you ask my shoulders) we often forget where all our cool summer gear comes from. Well I'm here to remind you that even though your probably dazed from heat exhaustion, you still have to think and shop local!

We are so lucky here in South Eastern North Carolina to have a beautiful and vibrant community that makes equally amazing products. The range of unique goods, products, and services leaves an avid patron like myself in a tizzy(and slightly more poor). The stack of Freakers that is ever growing in my kitchen can attest to how a creative idea and an equally creative brand can launch a local company into the stratosphere. 

The guys over at Lowborn Supply and their new store Brick & Mortar on North 4th Street supply super high quality men's products and some of the best coffee I've ever tasted. 

For more locally made items and really great stories I recommend following Bit & Grain very closely, they are always on the pulse of what is happening in our great state. Of course, check out our sunnies if you're trying to shield your poor eyes from those mean rays!

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