Which Beer is Best?

Many people have trouble deciding what outfit to wear in order to match with their sunnies, but all really know the most important question: which beer is best in matching with your sunnies. Well folks, I took it upon myself to drive over to Wilmington Brewery and drink different beer and try to match certain beers with different pairs…. I know, work is tough… After many hours of trial and error, and lots of research, I have come to the conclusion that it is a color coordination game. Yes, as your sunnies get darker, so should your beer. If you are rocking a nice Zebrawood pair of sunnies, stick with those lighter beers.

As your shades get darker, move into those brown ales, or those IPAs with a darker shade. Now if your shades are almost black, your beer should follow suit. There’s nothing quite as sophisticated/elegant than someone drinking a near black stout while he or she rocks a dark pair of sunnies. It’s a rare sighting, but when you do, you know that person knows that he or she has it together.

Okay, obviously this all told in somewhat of a joking manner. If all you have is a Zebrawood pair of sunnies, don’t feel like you can’t order that stout. In fact, we like to think here at Legacy Eyewear, that are sunglasses will look good on you no matter what beer you are enjoying. The biggest thing you got to make sure you are wearing while you’re enjoying a cold one, is some confidence. Rock those wooden sunnies, and know you got something that is uniquely made, classy, and dang it you’re looking good.

Legacy Eyewear is a local business, and in being one, we like to support other local businesses. All of my beers for the official test of matching beers to different pairs of sunnies came from Wilmington Brewing, and let me be the first to say, they have great beer! Plus everyone over there rocks, and the environment is awesome. Did I say how good their beer is? Next time you’re looking for something fun to do in town, head over there and enjoy a beer from their huge draft list, all while wearing your sunnies of course. I drank three different beers that night- the Grapefruit Gose, the Damn Good Brown Porter, and then the Blair’s Breakfast Stout. My personal favorite was definitely the stout, but all were great. So grab your friends and your sunnies, head on over to the brewery, enjoy a tasty beer, and have a great time! Let us know you went also by tagging us in your pictures @legacyeyewear!

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