Wood Anniversary Gift Round Up!

Obviously, we love wood here, no big surprise. Hopefully you all do as well. Through our years of woodworking we’ve seen a right many great gift ideas that would make any wood lover giggle like a schoolgirl.

What follows is a short list of our favorite gifts for those of us who have hit the 5 year anniversary mark. BTW, wood is the traditional 5 year anniversary gift, if you’re completely in the dark.

  1. The Butler - Form meets function in the butler, what a great way to stow away all your knick knacks while not cluttering up your front hall or bedroom.
  2. The Rhombic Cutting Board - The subtle geometric shape on these cutting boards elevates them ever so slightly, love it!
  3. Lowborn Supply - A gift for the man in your life, who doesn’t want a shaving razor that will last the rest of your life? Plus, they’re local!!!

  4. BorkWood Products - Local here in Wilmington, Matt is a great guy and can do just about any custom project you could dream up!

  5. Boddes Rings - A recently funded Kickstarter project, amazing rings for him and her!
Let us know if you've found anything that should be included in out list!

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