Woodies on the Wharf

One of my favorite places to visit on this Earth is Santa Cruz, CA. If you have never been, I can’t stress enough how great of a place it is to visit. It’s a surf town (very similar to Wilmington) located on the California coast about one hour south of San Francisco. Everything about the town screams adventure, whether that is the world-class surfing at Steamer’s Lane, the hiking through the massive Redwood trees that are home to Santa Cruz, or whale watching from a kayak in Monterey Bay. The Cruz (as the locals like to call it), feels like a small town, but trust me when I say you will always have something fun to do.

Santa Cruz holds a close place in my heart, because I’ve had the great opportunity to live there the past two summers of my life. To this day, I think it’s the most interesting place I’ve ever been. I’ve been able to do some crazy things there- climb a 125 foot Redwood tree, spend nights on the Boardwalk and ride all kinds of rides, and attempt to not embarrass myself on a surfboard. Perhaps one of the coolest things I got to experience there was “Woodies on the Warf”. “Woodies on the Wharf” is an event where tons of people bring their classic wood-bodied cars to the wharf and show them off the pubic. Around 200 vehicles participate each year, and as an avid lover of wood, obviously these cars stand out to me. Nothing says classy like rolling around town in a 1950 Woodie. As the owner pops the hood, revs the engine, and the sun just perfectly glistens on the body of the car, you can’t help but wish these vehicles were still being made today. Along with tons of beautiful cars being shown, the whole day is a blast- whether you are listening to the live music, enjoying the view of Monterey Bay, winning prizes, or simply striking up a good conversation with a Woodie owner. Who knows? Maybe next year The Wood Studio will have a booth out there and you could win a nice pair of sunnies!

Looking back, both Santa Cruz and “Woodies on the Wharf” exemplify a lot of what The Wood Studio stands for. Just like Santa Cruz creates opportunities to go experience the outdoors and calls for adventure, we hope to do the same. If you can’t make a trip to the Redwoods of California, take a hike in the pine trees of North Carolina. Even though Wilmington does not have Steamer’s Lane and the Monterey Bay, it still has great surfing spots, and the Intracoastal is always asking to be kayaked on. Also, just as “Woodies on the Wharf” gives people a chance to see the beauty in wood, we hope our sunglasses do the same. That’s why we carefully handcraft each pair with the customer in mind. Just as people are left in amazement of the beauty of the woodies when they pull up and rev their engines, we hope our customers are always left in amazement every time they put on their sunnies.

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